Monday, January 30, 2012

Coffee Anyone??

I am not a coffee drinker, I will admit, but I do like the look of a neat coffee table.  This particular table was inspired from a DIY episode where they used old sheet metal for a countertop.  I didn't have any old sheet metal, so therefore, I had to put my new sheet metal through an aging process.  The base of the table is made from 6 x 6 interior barn posts and the cross piece is from an old horse-drawn wagon tongue.  I love this piece and wish our living room was big enough for me to put it in there, rather than have it being out in the garage just in storage.

 Here you can see just how 'sturdy' this table is. Don't be afraid to sit on it!
 A closer look at my 'aging' process done to the sheet metal.
Here you can see I added a decorative corner piece to hide my seams on the tin.  I think it compliments the look of the reclaimed style I was going for. You can also see how I left the hardware from the 6 x 6 on the legs of the table.  I think about all the stories the old stuff could tell if only it could talk.  Yes, I talk to myself too.  :)

In case you haven't figured it out yet, I love horses and am blessed to have 4 of them on the farm here.  Some time ago, I made a coffee table similar to this one (will try and get a picture on here of it).  I had the legs of this table done for a couple of years and they were just sitting in the barn, waiting for the right top.  So this winter (thank goodness it has been so beatiful out this year) I threw this top together and think it would make a great entry-way table.  Or if you wanted to get a piece of glass cut to fit the top, it would make a nice small table for two.  I know if I was to make my husband eat at this table, he would prefer a tractor picture in the top instead of the 'hay-burners' as he like to call them!  Now, my girls and I, we can appreciate a table like this!