Thursday, January 10, 2013

The Beauty Lies Within....

The construction process has begun and for the past 8 months or so I have done nothing but think about how I can make my house unique. We are turning our 1930's craftsman style one-story house into a 2 story farmhouse style home.  Every day we seem to run into a snag of some sort and today's issue, the foundation! Not a simple fix but thankful to have found it now rather than a year from now when the house would have started to settle!

This is the house as it is now.  As you can see though, they have begun the concrete process of pouring the columns to hold the porch roof up. Garage in the back is going up as I type!
As you know, I love all things old and salvageable.  I found 3 doors in an old barn that was doomed to be dozed in and discoved them to all 3 have a different hand carved pattern.  The were so covered with milk paint that I thought they just might be the death of me getting it off.  (And it still may as I am not quite done with door #2 and haven't even started door #3!)  After getting to the raw wood of door #1 (which has the most detail) I have since discoved that my blood, sweat and tears will all be worth it.  I can't imagine what these doors may have cost back in their day, or how excited the lady of the house may have been to showcase them in her new home.  I hope I have done them justice by bringing them out of retirement and giving them new life in their new home. 

This is door #1 in it's 'before' state.

Door #2 in it's 'make-over' state.
Not a very glamourous job!
Ahhh!!!  Finallly! In the space where there was once glass, I will replace with a mirror.  Not too bad if I say so myself.  And a little shout out to my mother-in-law for helping me for 2 days otherwise I may have lost my sanity by now!