Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Little Piece of Serenity

In our modest little farm house, all 5 of us have had to learn to share one bathroom.  Up until 3 years ago, our one and only bathroom was honestly smaller square-footage-wise than the back of my pickup.  When we remodeled the basement, we then moved the girls down there and transformed their bedroom into a very spacious bathroom that accomidates more than one person in there at a time.  I am one of those people that absolutely love soaking in the tub while reading a good book, so I knew I was not going to skimp on my one luxury I was being granted.  When I told the carpenters that I was going to have them put 'old tin' on the walls behind the tub, they gave me that "Are you crazy?!" look.  After considering they were getting paid good money to do what I asked of them, they stopped asking why and did what they were asked.  Upon completion of the remodel from bedroom to bathroom, one of the carpenters told me in his words "We've done a lot of bathroom remodels and I have to be honest with you, I had my doubts about your ideas, but I will admit now that this bathroom is by far my favorite."  I did give the 'old tin' a refreshed look by giving it some color with a mixture of wood stain and concrete stain.  I think it matches the tile quite nicely!
I fell in love with these hand-hammered copper sinks the minute I saw them in one of my many Western magazines.  Not wanting to pay the outrageous price they were listed for, I jumped right on e-Bay and found them for a fraction of the cost. I think I even had them in storage for a year before the remodel even began.  I would, however, suggest not putting them in a highly used bathroom.  Thus being anything with any amount of acid, chemical, toothpaste being left on, causes the aged look to get stripped off right down to the bright orange copper! I have had to 'fix' these spots many times with none other than shoe polish! I found this out the hard way when the sinks weren't even in for a week and I, not even thinking, poured rubbing alcohol onto a rag that I was holding over the sink.  Came back into the bathroom a few minutes later and nearly had a heart attack when the bright orange copper was staring me in the face.  I immediately got on the phone and called a sink store in Omaha and they did some research for me to tell me how to fix it.  If you don't know those 'fixed' spots are there, you wouldn't even know they were there at one time. 

I can't even begin to tell you how very, very spoiled everyone on my husband's side of the family is thanks to the fact that his grandfather was a cabinet and furniture builder.  He sadly passed away almost 2 years ago now, and we all miss him, but fortunately have all these wonderful pieces of furniture to remember him by.  This vanity is made out of wormy maple.  If finished correctly, it is absolutely beautiful.  If finished poorly, it is a gross nightmare!  I lived the nightmare before getting it done correctly! I had to grovel to my mother-in-law who is very good at finishing wood, to beg for her help in fixing it.  So, there you have it, a look at our very spacious, very rustic one and only bathroom!

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