Wednesday, November 23, 2011

How it all began.....

My love for 'Doing-it-Myself" began because you could call me somewhat of a husband will tell you I squeak when I walk.  I am a stay-at-home-mom and so I struggle with tremendous guilt whenever I want something that is truly not practical.  I also give credit to my grandpa for allowing me to hang out with him in his workshop when I was a small girl, spending several hours playing with his dremel tool (for some reason, that was my favorite!).  I sure hope (and am fairly certain) he is smiling from up above and beaming with pride at what I can accomplish. 

I just love the character of the red cedar wood.  I often say that when peeling the logs, it is like unwrapping a Christmas just never know how great it is going to be under all the bark.

This particular stool came for a log that had this natural red 'heart' center....I had no trouble selling these stools!
Anyhow...I LOVE all things rustic!  I needed some bar stools for the kitchen and really wanted some cedar log stools.  After much shopping on-line (because there is no store near here that would sell such a stool) I decided I was NOT going to pay that kind of money for a simple stool.  Fortunately at the time, my husband was working for a guy who runs logging equipment and I asked James to bring me home 4 round cedar slabs.  He questioned my intent, but did what he was told...good man!  I did have to by a tenon cutter that I purchased on e-bay.  Not having a pattern, I guessed at my measurements and was quite surprised at how well they turned out!  Thus began the beginning of my furniture building business that at the time I named Born in the Barn Cedar Creations.  I have since dropped the 'Cedar' as I have become a bit more versitale with the materials I use.  The 'Born in the Barn' is because I pretty much build everything in our barn, with the horses keeping a watchful eye on what I am doing...that part is a big LOVE!  I'm one of those wierdo's that think horse sweat is one of the best smells in the world and I would much rather muck a stall than clean our bathroom!  I hope you enjoy my creations...I know we have gotten lots of enjoyment out of them here on our farm. 

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