Thursday, November 17, 2011

Pictures thrown in a shoebox....not anymore!

In todays world of digital photography, it is so easy to all of a sudden have 229 pictures that need developed and then it's just as easy for them to get thrown in a shoebox with the intention of 'getting them in sorted and in their albums someday'.  For me, 'someday' never seems to come and I have all these cute pictures that nobody ever sees.  I knew there had to be a cute way to display them, so I went out to the barn and found this piece of wood that was once the top of a barn door, before I wacked off all the rest of the wood to use in a different project.  This originally was going to be a coat rack going down to the basement for the girls room, but it was too long and I couldn't bring myself to cut it.  Glad I didn't as I like it a lot here.  At first I just pinned the pictures on without the frames.  Liked it ok, but knew I could do something to dress it up a bit.  Once again, I headed out to the barn (by the way, do you get why my blog is called Born in the Barn yet? Most all my projects are built in the barn and I LOVE having the horses nicker in agreement at my creativity) to see what I could come up with and decided to whip out some cute little barn wood picture frames.  Wa-la!  A fun place to display our snapshots that otherwise would have ended up in the shoe box in the cupboard for no one to see! 

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