Thursday, November 17, 2011

My latest and possibly greatest project so far!

Base construction of my table.  6x6 posts were used as a support beam at one time inside a barn. 

I was worried this table would look too large for the dining room, as we don't have a rather large house, and have to utilize every ounce of space possible, but I think it fits just perfect!

A good view of the top and how the old nail holes add so much character.

I have for years wanted a barnwood table, but have had some guilt over getting rid of the existing dining room table that I HAD to have when we were first married.  Advice to all young newly-weds:  You don't know anything about anything and should not insist on having something that you 'think' you are absolutely in love with, because more than likely, you won't really know yourself or what your true 'likes' are until you turn at least 30.  So save your husband's money, and dig down and find some patience and eventually you will discover who you really are and what you really like.  Anyhow, my only solution to getting the table of my real dreams was to build it myself.  After all, what is hubby to say once it's all done?  "No, you can't use that absolutely gorgeous table that you worked extremely hard to build yourself because I bought you that really ugly table 14 years ago that you just HAD to have and we are keeping that one."  Any man in his right mind would know better and I was really hoping my husband would be in his right mind the day we brought it in the house!  I kind of kept this project a secret from my husband which was easy at the time since he was in the combine 16 hours a day at the time of the table's journey into life.  Since I promised myself that I would not allow blogging to take up anymore of my time (as Pinterest has since overcome all my 'spare' time) I will get on to posting the pictures of what I think is a fabulous farm table, if you will.  I look forward to the many, many memories that will be made at this table, and I hope someday, my kids will fight over who gets to inherit it!

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